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    We specialize in reliable, high quality webcast products and services to meet your needs and budget.

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    Viewers can watch and participate at the office, at home, in coffee shops or at the airport, on any device.

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    We have the best guarantee in the industry, delivering uninterrupted streaming every time. Protect your reputation.

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Webcast Canada serves government departments and corporations with reliable, high quality live and recorded webcasting.

Whether you need full-service, in which our technical crew attends your event and broadcasts it over the Internet, or self-service, in which you use your own encoder and camera to broadcast - we have a customized solution for you.

All labour and equipment is 100 per cent guaranteed and customer support is available 24 hours a day.

What people are saying

“Thank you for an awesome performance. We placed our confidence and trust in you and you delivered with flying colours.”

— D. Singer, Former General Manager

“First rate service all-around!”

— Gord Harrison, Intersect Alliance

Live Demos

Webcast Canada specializes in full and self-service corporate and government webcasting.

Webcasting is all we do. Give your conferences, workshops and other events nothing less than the best quality, uninterrupted webcast streaming. Guaranteed.

Save thousands of dollars on your
next event

Webcast Canada can beam in presenters from other parts of the world, adding to your line-up of experts without the high cost of travel.

Your Subject Matter Experts (SME's) can also answer questions virtually and communicate with your host team regardless of where they are n the world.

Take advantage of our experience and knowledge to help you plan your event for maximum exposure for the most efficient budget.

Also check out the Virtual AGM service to replace your physical events and cut costs by up to 90 per cent.

Benefits of Webcast Canada

Industry-leading guarantee: Business is all about trust. Our guarantee on all equipment and labour protects your reputation and provides peace of mind. It may sound cliche, but this is the truth: We're totally dedicated to your success.

Flexibility: There are no hard rules here. Let's work together to make things happen.

Availability: There's nothing worse than not being able to reach someone when you need help. Our project managers are available to you around the clock, seven days a week.

Experience: When problems arise, you want people who have been there before and have solutions. Our onsite crews are Canada's most experienced webcast technicians.

Robust: You need a webcast platform that's professional, free of clutter, easy for people to use and meets your project requirements. Look no further.