About Webcast Canada

Webcast Canada is the oldest and most experienced webcast company in Canada.

We began in 1987 as a general communications firm, morphing into webcasting in 1998. Back then, all of our clients were new to the webcast business and were nervous about whether it would actually work or not. It didn't take us long to introduce a guarantee.

That guarantee, unique in the industry, is still in place today and separates Webcast Canada from its competitors.

Industry-leading guarantee

The Webcast Canada Guarantee applies to all of our equipment and labour. If there is a problem, and we are to blame, we will compensate you with a large discount and/or provide an additional broadcast free of charge. In making a promise of this nature, it is essential that we get it right every time.

To that end, WC has developed the industry's most extensive systems, protocols, back-ups and certifications for all personnel and equipment.

It should be noted that our servers have never failed. That's because Webcast Canada has a network of 500 servers worldwide. If one server should fail, the broadcast is seamlessly tripped to the next, without anyone ever noticing.

Code of Ethics

All of our people adhere to a strict code of ethics which respects your time and ensures honesty when working with you. If there is something we feel won't work or puts your webcast at risk, we'll let you know up front. While you are paying us for our expertise, we're also open to your ideas and suggestions.

When it absolutely has to be done right, Webcast Canada makes the most sense.

There are three major client groups served by Webcast Canada

We hold a number of long term contracts with government departments due to our advanced reliable systems for closed captioning, text transcripts and universal access that meet or exceed government regulations .

Large corporations
that need outstanding webcast quality and reliability to reach employees and stakeholders around the globe use Webcast Canada daily.

use us to reach more members, and potential members, and to ensure complete transparency and accountability.

National coverage

Our full-service crews will travel to anywhere in Canada and our self-service offering is available to any client across the globe.

Our team of 18 video and sound engineers, web programmers, and interface designers have 200 years of combined experience.

100% Accessible
The Webcast Canada proprietary platform is 100% accessible so it can be used with screen readers. We adhere to the international W3 standards for universal accessibility, adopted by the Treasury Board of Canada.