Conference TV

Comprehensive coverage of your Conference

Conference TV is a comprehensive package to ensure the information from your conference lasts long into the future. It also goes behind the scenes to interview presenters and delegates, gaining industry insights not shared in the formal presentations.

While video is a big part of Conference TV, we realize that not everyone has time to view lengthy recordings. Conference TV therefore also offers text articles you can post to your website and include in your communications.

Here is what Conference TV includes:

1. Live webcast streaming of your plenary, select sessions or the entire conference.
2. Recording of presentations.
3. Professional on-camera interviews with select presenters, delegates and sponsors / exhibitors.
4. Still photography.
5. Text articles that summarize the conference sessions and interviews.
6. Closed captioning of live and recorded video.
7. Text transcripts.
8. Sponsorship announcements
9. A unique web address where all products can be accessed, YouTube Channel and/or embed code to feature Conference TV on your website.
10. Video and text promos for your conference.

You may need all of the Conference TV deliverables, or just some. We'll customize your Conference TV package to meet your unique needs.

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