Live Demos

To give you an idea of the range of possibilities, here are some demonstrations of actual client webcasts using screen shots and recorded video. If you'd like to see live webcasting in action, contact us at [email protected] and we'll send a live link to you.

Live Webcast Pages

A range of modules can be included in the live webcast page. These include multiple audio channels (such as interpreter and floor), closed captioning, ask-the-presenter question box with questions seen only by the event host, answer box that allows you to send responses to all viewers by text, synchronized slides, closed captioning, PDF downloads and technical support chat. Social media add-ons can also be included.

Screen shot:

Enlarged JPG screen shot of standard live page.

Branded Webcasting:

Fully branded webcast archive.

Accessible Webcasting (screen shot):

Enlarged JPG screen shot of accessible live page with captioning


Recordings can be packaged in a variety of ways and appear on your web site. Video and slides are both incorporated.


Webinars are typically done in a boardroom setting with no physical audience.

Presenters give a slide presentation and then answer web audience questions.

This is a popular webcast format used as a replacement for more expensive in-person workshops.

Webinar demos:

Registration and Login Pages

A webcast registration page will allow you to better control who views the webcast and will show you who signed up and who viewed. Without a registration page, you won't know who attended the webcast. Advanced registration pages can be used, not just to measure webcast attendance, but also to sign up new members or increase your newsletter database.

Additional fields provide more data about your viewers.

Basic registration: Branded registration:

On Your Site

Live webcasts can be inserted directly into your web site using a simple copy/paste iframe code.


A log-out evaluation form can be included to provide detailed feedback and measurement on all aspects of the webcast.