Regardless of where your event is held — at a hotel, conference centre or even outside — we'll webcast it to a worldwide audience.

Webcast Canada has successfully managed thousands of event webcasts.

Most of these are annual general meetings and conferences. Event webcasts require co-ordination with the venue and other suppliers and stakeholders. We handle all of the technical arrangements with these other parties so you can focus on your job...organizing the event!

Event webcasts typically consist of the components listed below.

In Advance

  • Landing page with speaker bios and handouts
  • Bilingual registration, login and live pages or embed code (insert on your site)
  • Video and audio plus slides
  • Evaluation forms and analytics
  • Email reminders

During the Event

  • Technical crew
  • One or multiple HD cameras
  • Video and audio mixers
  • Video link to large screens in the room
  • Encoding equipment
  • Camera lights (if needed)
  • Printer (to print audience questions)
  • Presenter names and titles shown on video
  • Closed Captioning in both official languages
  • Simultaneous interpretation (from our studio)
  • Bilingual technical support

Post Event

  • Login, measurement and feedback reports
  • Archive production and hosting with or without captions
  • Text transcripts

Why have Webcast Canada webcast your next event?

As you plan your next event, consider these benefits of having Webcast Canada on site.

1. Good Return-on-Investment: Webcast Canada's flat rate means the more people who watch your webcast, the better your return on investment. Other companies penalize you for being successful, charging more for each viewer.

2. Eliminates expensive travel: The high cost of fuel is keeping people away from workshops and conferences. It has also made government and corporate outreach programs, delivered in person, cost-prohibitive.

3. Promotes future attendance: It's a fact. Once people have tuned into a webcast of your event, they're more inclined to pay for attending the next event.

4. Boosts revenue: Webcasting can attract new members to your association and help sell more products and services.

5. Dramatically increases attendance: Your information will reach more people with webcasting beyond those physically in the room. In many cases, the online audience is larger!

6. Reduces your organization's carbon footprint: People who attend online aren't contributing to environmental damage by flying or driving.

7. Improves transparency and accountability: Share your meetings with everyone to provide transparency.

8. Produces a record: Archival recordings produce an official record that can be used for transcription and documentation.

9. Better information gathering: Our customized registration forms can be used for more than just signing people up to the webcast. They are often used for multiple purposes that include signing people up to your newsletter, physical events and to obtain potential new clients. Webcast measurement can also be more exact and thorough than in-person evaluation forms.

10. Accessibility: Closed captions and text transcripts ensure accessibility for all participants.

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