Full Service Webcasting

Pop-up studio: The photo shows a "pop-up" studio in which all equipment and staging can be moved into any boardroom of sufficient size.

Full service also means we supply your team with computer workstations in a comfortable green room where they can monitor the webcast and moderate incoming questions.

If any member of your team cannot attend physically, they can still participate remotely using your account control panel.
  • As the term implies, full service webcasting means Webcast Canada handles all aspects of the webcast.

    Full-service is the logical choice for the vast majority of organizations because you can concentrate on the content of your broadcast and not have to worry about Internet connections, equipment set-up and all of the other logistics needed for a professional webcast.

    Full-service webcasting comes with a guarantee on all labour and equipment and is the perfect cost-effective solution for busy organizations.

Conferences and other events: Our onsite technical team will go to your event and webcast it. We are specialists in bilingual conference webcasting that can include closed captioning. Options also include multiple cameras to cover every angle of your event. Our video signal can even be shown on your large screens inside the conference.


Webinars: Full service also includes webcasting from your boardoom, a hotel, or our studio where no physical audience exists. Include Powerpoint slides, a question box and captioning. We can also beam in presenters from other cities, saving you the cost of flying in experts.



Full Service includes...

  • Creating and activating all of the online webcast pages such as customized registration and log-out evaluation forms, and adding special requirements such as a login password.
  • Making arrangements and communicating with other suppliers including the venue and on-site interpreters.
  • Closed captioning and teleprompter services.
  • Beaming in presenters from other cities.
  • On-site set-up and management by our experienced and trained webcast technicians.
  • All personnel, equipment and web programming backed by our 100% guarantee.
  • Viewership reporting, text captures and analytics.
  • Live webcasting, camera switching, staging, editing, production, indexing and posting of archive recordings.