Webcast Canada specializes in government webcasting to reach your employees and public audiences wherever they are.

We are not an off-the-shelf, once-size-fits-all provider. Our reputation has been built on meeting specific government and other customer requirements in addition to offering a higher level of technical and logistical support than anyone else.

In this list, you will find our primary offerings. But if there is a special need you have, please talk to us.

1. Live Streaming

Reach your audience no matter what online service they use: Stream to your own web site, the WC hosted solution, YouTube, Facebook and elsewhere all at the same time. We'll set up your own one-button multi-tier publishing system.

Flash-free streaming: Many governments and corporations have banned flash due to its security problems. Use our MPEG-Dash system to live stream to any computer and device without viewers needing the flash plug-in.

Worry-Free scaleability: Stream to an unlimited number of viewers without worrying about getting cut off.

Multi-bitrate streaming: Government networks are stretched to the limit when it comes to bandwidth. Our multi bitrate streaming (also known as adaptive streaming) adjusts the signal to the bandwidth restriction of each viewer, allowing uninterrupted reception, even on slow connections.

Firewall penetration: Webcast Canada streams over the http protocol, not rtmp. That means live webcasts can be viewed behind a firewall and do not require special ports to be open, maintaining the integrity and security of your network.

Maximum security: Use our encryption, domain restriction and password systems to ensure maximum security for your live streams.

Worldwide reception: Live streams reach anyone on the globe.

Continuous recording: Live streams can be automatically recorded without any splitting - even if the stream is days long.

Unlimited channels: Conduct multiple live webcasts from different locations all at the same time. Live stream court proceedings, hearings, press conferences and other events on assigned channels.

Universal accessibility: All live and recorded streaming meets or exceeds the W3C standards on which most government accessibility requirements are based. Live and recorded captioning, text transcripts, accessible slides, color contrasting, alt tags and other critical components are included. If your department has a particular accessibility concern not addressed in the latest standards, let us know and we'll make the adjustment or addition.

Measurement: Log-out evaluation forms, audience tracking and server logs will provide you with the detailed measurement you require.

2. WC Hosted Secure Solution

Webcast Canada live streaming will work through embed codes to display on your web site in addition to popular social media platforms including YouTube and Facebook. But if you require a secure and private system, we recommend using our proprietary platform built and designed by us.

The WC platform offers online registration, login and live pages that include audience technical support, question and answer boxes, and other modules. The platform features your own control panel that allows you to monitor sign-ups, viewing and incoming questions.

All databases that collect any personal information are maintained on servers in Canada to avoid violations of the Privacy Act. (Please note that any webcast on Facebook or YouTube becomes owned by those sites, allowing them to rebroadcast at any time to any audience).

3. DVR Option

Your live webcast can offer DVR (Digital Video Recording) so that late-comers can move the webcast to the beginning and watch what they missed. They can choose to continue viewing in delay mode, or easily switch back to real time viewing. When the live event is over, DVR immediately displays the entire webcast as a searchable recording.

4. Encoders, cameras and other gear

Webcast Canada offers full-service in which our technical crew attends your event and broadcasts it over the Internet. However, if you wish to bring webcasting in-house and use your own A/V team, we can help you set up your system.

Webcast Canada acts as a consultant and advisor to recommend appropriate equipment that will meet your needs. There is a wide range of encoding software and hardware on the market and a myriad of camera, audio and lighting solutions. We'll work with you to ensure you have the right gear for the job.

5. Customized pricing

Webcast Canada does not offer package pricing. Each offering is uniquely designed to match your specific requirements and circumstances. Talk to us first and we'll send you a proposal based on the recommended features, with a range of options, at the lowest possible price.