Webcast Canada Guarantee

Webcast Canada guarantees your webcast will be flawless. Our extensive advance checklist is the key.

Our written promise to you...

  • Uninterrupted streaming
  • High quality video and audio
  • Back-ups for all equipment and personnel
  • Professional, courteous onsite technicians
  • Certified Internet connectivity
  • Personal data stored only on in-Canada dedicated servers
  • Timely delivery of archives

Hundreds of Server Back-ups

Webcast Canada has a network of over 500 servers worldwide which means if anything should happen to the primary server, the signal is seamlessly tripped to the next server without the audience ever knowing. The result is non-stop streaming every time. All servers storing any personal information are only located in Canada.

Module-based Platform

Unlike most webcast platforms, the WC interface has individual modules. This means if one module should, for whatever reason, not perform, it will not affect the other components of the live webcast. The video player and its source servers, for example, are totally separate from the interactive question boxes. On many other platforms, if one thing fails, the entire system fails.

Advance site inspection

The inspection, an integral part of the guarantee, is done far enough in advance of the live date so that there is sufficient time to make any adjustments needed to ensure a perfect webcast.

  • Internet check: Primary and back-ups
  • Space and positoning of equipment / staging
  • Need for a riser (risers?)
  • Co-ordination with the venue / AV supplier

In the event of a problem...
In the world real, sometimes things do go wrong. In a worst case scenario, should a problem take place, there may be a brief period where we switch from the main components to the assigned back-up. During this time, a message is displayed asking the audience to stand by.