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Webcast Access Options

Access Option Pros and Cons Recommendation
Public Webcast: Anyone can view and viewing is instant since there is no entry form to complete.

Pro: Access is immediate, which in theory, should maximize viewership.

Con: You get stats on the number and location of viewers, but you won't know who they are.

Do a public webcast when you have a general audience, need to maximize viewers and detailed measurement is not a priority.
Controlled Webcast: Participants must first fill out a registration form before they can access the webcast. A log-out evaluation form can be included.

Pro: You benefit from having a user database with detailed measurement and data about your viewers.

Con: May act as a deterrent for some people which could reduce viewership.

Do a controlled webcast when content is directed at a specific target audience and detailed measurement is important.
High Security Webcast: Access is limited to people who have a password and have an email address with a specific domain.

Pro: Webcast participation is limited to people who have been invited.


Do a high security webcast when content is sensitive and/or not for public consumption.