Virtual AGM

Replace the high cost of meeting physically

Today, budgets are tight. Many corporations and government departments have severely restricted travel, or in some cases, banned business travel entirely.

Enter the virtual AGM, where your Annual General Meeting, or any corporate event on your calendar, is conducted entirely online via live webcasting. A registration fee can still be charged, but rather than people having to fly and book hotel rooms, they attend from the comfort and convenience of their office or home.

A virtual AGM can be conducted for a fraction of the cost of a physical event while attracting more attendees. Gone are expensive conference meeting rooms, catering and pricey A/V set-ups - saving you not only a considerable amount of money, but time and stress.

The biggest complaint against virtual events is the lack of face-to-face networking. Many people attend physical conferences primarily for that reason. Our virtual AGM offering includes a real-time networking chat interface - where viewers can communicate with each other during breaks, just like in a physical environment. It's not the same, but it is the next best thing.

The virtual AGM is being used more and more as organizations find ways to trim budgets and increase participation.

The virtual AGM consists of the following.

1. Event Planning and consultation: We'll work with you to organize your virtual AGM to take full advantage of the technology. We're experts at virtual AGMs so you don't need to hire an outside event planner.

2. Broadcast host: A professional host can guide viewers through your virtual AGM, interview experts and moderate online discussions. Your host will give the event continuity, connecting one session to the next.

3. Pop-up studio in your boardroom: Our portable studio can be set up in your boardroom which means you never have to leave your office. Your in-house presenters and experts can walk across the hall to participate.

4. Speakers beamed in: If you have presenters from another city, they can be beamed in virtually, saving you further money otherwise spent on flying people around the world.

5. Private and secure: Your virtual AGM is set up so that only those who have registered can attend. Our bilingual technical support staff also works with your people to make sure everyone can successfully log in and access the proceedings.

Talk to us to find out if a virtual AGM is right for your organization.