The Webcaster with the 100% Guarantee

The camera's LCD screen shows a typical studio webcast with subject experts giving slide presentations and responding to live audience questions.

What clients have said about Webcast Canada

Thank you for an awesome performance. We placed our confidence and trust in you and you delivered with flying colours.

— D. Singer | Former Manager, FMI

Great use of technology - economical vehicle to reach far and wide. The webcast exceeded my expectations. The slide show presentation was unexpected.

— C. Goudit | Government Communications Officer

We found the webcast services well planned, well organized and well adapted to our needs. I was very happy to see everything in place and ready to go. A very satisfying experience which we will certainly repeat at our next AGM. My thanks to you and to your team. We sincerely appreciate the excellent work and support you provided to our event.

— F. Vézina | Association Executive