Dramatically cut outreach budgets while improving engagement and reach with professional webinars.

A replacement to expensive in-person events!

Many webinars are now conducted to reduce or eliminate in-person workshops and information sessions. That's because travelling to different cities across the country, often to speak to small audiences, is not only expensive and inefficient but also time consuming to organize.

In-person events can also be cost prohibitive for those attending, some of whom may need to travel great distances, taking precious time away from their jobs and families.

The low cost solution

Webcast Canada webinars reach your audience wherever they may be, from the comfort and convenience of your own boardroom or our downtown studio (Ottawa).

Log-out evaluation forms, registration databases and built-in analytics all provide extensive measurement reporting.

Various interactive tools that include an audience question box and a text response system facilitate immediate communication and feedback.

A webinar is an online-only event which means there is no physical audience. One or more presenters or panelists give slide presentations and answer web audience questions.

Fully Equipped with Staging

Our unique professional webinars are an affordable alternative to in-person events.

They come complete with a professional technical crew, all necessary equipment - including cameras and microphones - and staging such as lighting and backdrops.

Wireless lapel microphones can be attached to a presenter's shirt collar. Lapel mics block out background noise and are essential for presenters who are standing up and using a flip chart. High quality table top mics are used for presenters sitting at a table giving slide presentations.