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Learn how others have benefited from Webcast Canada.

British Columbia Court of Appeal

The Court has been using Webcast Canada for public hearings since 2013. In October, 2019, the Court released an evaluation report, concluding that the live streaming by Webcast Canada was beneficial to the public and would continue. Feedback on the live webcasts was overwhelmingly positive with the Court noting that the cost per viewer was as low as $3.16.

See the full official report. (We’re referenced at the top of page three).

Endocrine Society

The Endocrine Society first used Webcast Canada in 2007 and they’ve been with us ever since. The Society, based in Washington, is a global community of 18,000 medical researchers energized by the promise of unraveling the mysteries of hormone disorders in order to care for patients and cure disease. Webcast Canada broadcasts the Endocrine Society’s Annual General Meeting press conferences to U.S., Canadian and international media outlets. Reuters, CBS News and other major news organizations have been among those in attendance.

We first used Webcast Canada for our 2007 conference in Toronto. We were so impressed with the level of professionalism, we decided that we had to use these guys for every one of our annual events. If you need to get the job done right the first time, this is the service you need to be speaking with.

Aaron Lohr
Director of Media Relations, Endocrine Society

Bespoke AV

Bespoke, based in Toronto with operations also in Ottawa, is a major audio-video and staging company. Their clients are among the largest in Canada so they can’t take any chances. That’s why Bespoke trusts its live streaming back-end infrastructure to Webcast Canada. We have a special fondness for Bespoke because they consistently challenge our IT developers to create new solutions and better ways of serving viewers.

The Webcast Canada team is always available if we need something adjusted and their technical developers are eager to accommodate when we ask for new features based on the needs of our webcast clients. Truly a best-in-class service.

Kyle Brooks
CEO, Bespoke A/V, Toronto, Ontario (Client since 2015)

IBM / Freeman AV

When IBM and Freeman AV needed to have a live stream for a special event at the Ottawa Art Gallery, they couldn’t afford to have anything go wrong. Based on our reputation, they hired Webcast Canada. 

Since the Art Gallery was new at the time, it’s in-house Internet was not set up for public webcasting. Our team set up their own hot spot to ensure the webcast went ahead in HD quality without interruption.

The day-long webcast was a success and IBM was pleased it had made the right choice.

Government of Canada

Webcast Canada serves many Government of Canada departments and agencies providing bilingual, captioned webcasting for both the general public and internal government audiences. Regular clients include Canada Revenue Agency, Environment Canada and Health Canada. We also serve the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia and Newfoundland. Municipal clients include the cities of Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.


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