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Webcast Canada offers an all-in-one solution for your Virtual Annual General Meeting. There is no need for third-party plug-ins because everything is within your webcast.

This includes the option to invite voters into the webcast so they can be seen and heard, have non-voters attend, and allow delegates to participate in any kind of motion with weighted, proxy, election, advance and class voting options. Polling and surveys are included. We'll assign an experienced AGM project manager, dedicated producer, voting operator and technical support person to ensure a successful, stress-free event.

For detailed information on our virtual AGM service, go here.

Any kind of motion 

Webcast Canada accommodates any kind of motion for your virtual or hybrid AGM. This includes class voting (only certain groups can vote on certain motions) plus weighted and proxy voting, in addition to elections. On-the-fly motions from the Floor are also supported.

Interactivity Options

Numerous options are available to communicate with your AGM audience. These include allowing viewers to speak and be seen (via their webcam) by inviting them into a queue, providing a private question box, sending text messages and via moderated chat.

Detailed Tracking

Major auditing firms such as KPMG and Deloitte have observed and approved our digital voting reports. See if you've reached quorum, how many combined votes are available, how long viewers stay tuned in, and who moved, seconded and voted on each motion.