Beat the pandemic with virtual conference webcasting.

In a very short period of time, COVID-19 cancelled every conference and business meeting on the planet. At this time, we are not webcasting any physical gatherings but have turned our focus to virtual events.

Webcast Canada specializes in staging professional, secure and reliable customized virtual events for governments, corporations and associations, to meet specific needs.

We provide flat-rate unlimited viewership for large-scale broadcasts. We also provide experienced webcast technicians who will remotely organize and produce your virtual events, for a smooth, high-end experience. There are no subscriptions as we charge only on a per-webcast basis. All of our services come with a 100% guarantee on reliability and quality.


A. Real-time online voting / polling:


B. Remote presentations

The virus cannot stop business

Business cannot come to an indefinite halt because of the COVID-19 virus. You can get around the pandemic and successfully move your physical events to a web-only format that will accomplish all of your corporate objectives.

Contact us by email to discuss further.

Benefits of virtual conference webcasting:

  • Unlimited audience size
  • Secure streaming that cannot be copied or hacked.
  • Facilitation of real-time voting/polling with results
  • Online registration + audience participation
  • Remote or on-location hosts / presenters
  • Professional technical management 

Your reputation is everything. Don’t risk it on self-serve tools that are not designed for large scale broadcasting.