Welcome to Webcast Canada, the nation's oldest and most experienced webcast service with a 100 per cent guarantee.

Webcast Canada specializes in full service customized live streaming. It’s all about your branding, your messages and your show.

On-Location Live Streaming and Recording

  • Certified webcast technicians
  • All webcast equipment including cameras
  • Close collaboration with A/V firms and venues
  • Labor / equipment / server guarantee
  • Bilingual audience technical support
  • Pop-up studio

Full Range of Support Services

  • IMAG (camera display on conference screens)
  • Separate language channels
  • Evaluation forms and real-time polling
  • Captioning, Sign Language, Teleprompter, Transcripts and Interpretation
  • Archive production + secure hosting

Access your Webcast Data

  • Your own platform account
  • See real-time stats
  • Export all data
  • Track viewing of each participant

Your Own Branded Portal

  • Unlimited viewership
  • Customized registration fields
  • Powerful privacy and security options
  • White label corporate branding
  • Embed Codes for streaming on your website
  • Browser-based display (no software needed)

Powerful Benefits

Live webcasting continues to gain in popularity. That’s not surprising given the clear benefits. Reduce your carbon footprint, eliminate expensive travel and dramatically improve your reach.

A Webcast Canada camera operator uses a riser to get above the audience for a clear podium shot.


We’ll handle everything for you.

The Anti-Social Media Webcaster

We created our own platform to offer you customized, private and secure registration, login and live pages that look uniquely yours.

No more social media clutter.

Webcast Canada is for clients who demand more – who need to protect their brand and get away from the social media mess.


A Better Way to Stream

Take a look at other webcast company websites. You likely won’t see the word “guarantee” anywhere. At Webcast Canada, we stand behind our streaming, equipment and labor.

We’re also a full-service shop providing all the extra components most don’t offer – from captioning and sign language to text transcripts and menu-driven recordings.


Ready for a Better Way?