The Power of "Live"

Webcast Canada, started in 2005, was an early pioneer of live streaming, and has been growing ever since, based on a commitment to provide live and recorded webcasting with high production values, supported by an industry-leading guarantee.

We are first and foremost a service company, dedicated to your success.

Our crews are based in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, consisting of 23 experienced videographers, audio engineers, staging specialists, editors, web programmers and streaming media developers - all with a combined experience of 175 years. Only technicians with at least 5 years experience are hired by Webcast Canada.

All members of the team subscribe to the Webcast Canada Code of Ethics which requires that we respect your time, listen to your ideas and concerns, operate with honesty and integrity, ensure that each project is on time and within budget, and that you receive maximum value for contract dollar.

We work closely with hotels, conference planners, A/V companies and IT departments to ensure a seamless, co-ordinated effort.

The Webcast Canada guarantee is your assurance that our team will do exactly what you need, that all equipment - including data servers and cloud-based streaming - will work perfectly without interruption and that your webcast will be of the highest possible quality.