You have enough things to worry about. Technology should not be one of them.

Webcast Canada provides a start-to-end service. It begins about a month before your event with the development of your online webcast pages. Our crew then broadcasts your event, followed by the posting of recordings which we can host for an unlimited time at no extra charge.


Advantages of Webcast Canada's Full Service:

  • Cost savings through live streaming, recording and still captures at the same time.
  • Allows you to focus on organizing your event.
  • No need to purchase or maintain equipment.
  • No headaches and worries related to technology.
  • Flawless production by experienced, certified webcast producers.
  • Webcasting is guaranteed.
  • Base pricing on all packages includes up to 5,000 viewers. Unlike other webcast providers who charge more for higher viewership, we don't penalize you for being successful!

Sample Registration page (unlimited fields)
Sample Login page

Sample Live page with question box and sponsor logo positions

Full service includes:

  • Customized landing, registration, log-in and live pages or embed code; password access; domain restriction; question, chat and answer boxes; slides; pre-recorded videos and screen sharing; evaluation forms; and downloadable support documents. 
  • Unique webcast address / portal.
  • Arrangements and communication with other suppliers such as A/V companies, IT departments and on-site interpreters.
  • Captioning, Sign language (ASL and LSQ) and Teleprompter services.
  • Advance site inspection and technical run-through with practice and training for presenters.
  • Presenters and guests beamed in from other cities. 
  • Viewership reporting, text captures and analytics.
  • Multiple cameras with switching, lighting, staging, editing, production, hosting, indexing and posting of archive recordings.
  • Separate green room to monitor the webcast and filter / print questions.
  • Lower thirds, titles plus customized pre-roll, break and end videos.
  • Recording plus fast uploading to the web (free hosting included).

Ask us to prepare a customized proposal / quote for you based on your needs and budget.