Webcast Canada - when it absolutely has to be done right.

A developer of accessible live streaming, Webcast Canada is a preferred supplier to meet or exceed government standards to reach everyone, including people with disabilities. All personal data is stored within Canada in accordance with Canada's Privacy Act. Regular clients include Canada Revenue Agency, Environment Canada, Health Canada, other federal departments and various provincial and municipal governments. All use our full service to reach employees via our servers installed on government networks, and to reach stakeholders as well as the general public through our Cloud-based adaptive streams. Captioning, interpretation, sign language, secure registration, text transcription, teleprompter services, detailed measurement and an interface that is compliant with all laws and regulations - combine to make Webcast Canada the number one choice for public sector streaming.

  1. Alternative to Webex: Webcast Canada is a much simpler and effective solution for internal government webcasting. 
  2. No bandwidth or firewall worries: We install government network delivery so that bandwidth is no longer a worry.