The Webcast Platform is for serious webcasters who need to save time.

  • Pay-per-use - no wasteful subscriptions.
  • White label to emphasize client branding.
  • Easy-to-use to make your own webcast templates.
  • 24-7 human help. We're more than a software solution.
  • Intuitive interface. Get done what you need to get done - now.

Get your client webcasts online in seconds, not minutes or hours. 

The platform is free to use and therefore carries zero risk. We charge only for each webcast you create and use to broadcast for a client. No monthly fees. No yearly subscription. You have no ongoing costs and can make money with each and every webcast. Similarly, if you're an organization that has an A/V team, you'll be keeping your costs way down because you'll be paying only on a per-use basis.