Webcast Canada's self-serve option is for organizations that have an audio/video (A/V) team or for professional A/V and event companies who wish to offer webcasting to their clients. 

While you supply the onsite management, with your own camera operator(s) and encoding equipment, we supply the online webcast pages, live stream account, back-end data tracking and a live technical support person to assist your viewers. We'll also provide full support to your onsite production team so you're never alone. (If you need us to provide the onsite production team, see full-service).

At the heart of our self-serve offering is the free Webcast Platform, our full-featured online tool that enables you to create webcast pages in under a minute (including registration, login, live video page, question box and other features). 


Major event and staging companies in Canada and the U.S., such as Toronto's popular Bespoke AV, North America's Freeman AV, and Newfoundland's Eastern Audio are among our regular users. Major associations use the platform too, such as the American Institute of Physics, to webcast their press conferences. Well-known brands, such as IBM, have benefited from the platform to webcast special events. 

Sample Links 

Registration page (unlimited fields)
Login page

Live page with question box


"The Webcast Platform team is always available if we need something adjusted and the platform developers are eager to accommodate when we ask for new features based on the needs of our webcast clients. Truly a best-in-class platform and service." 
 - Kyle Brooks, CEO, Bespoke A/V, Toronto, Ontario (Platform client since 2015) 

There is no cost to use the Webcast Platform. We bill only when you have a webcast or hosted recording. The pay-per-use model is rare in the webcast business. It means you can stage as few or as many webcasts you like and never waste any money on a monthly subscription. If you only do one or two webcasts a year, then you'll only pay for that one or two. 

Seven Key Advantages of the Webcast Platform 

  1. Guaranteed Reliability: Your online webcast pages and live streaming will be rock solid, 24/7 with no cap on viewership. 
  2. White Label Customization: Create clean, customized webcasts to emphasize client branding with sponsor logos and customized web addresses. 
  3. Template Creation: Rather than re-inventing the wheel each time, build a new webcast interface from one of your templates. There's no limit on the number of templates and webcasts. 
  4. Responsive to your needs: We're adding new features to the platform all the time. If you need a feature, just ask us! 
  5. Detailed tracking: The Platform keeps track of all your webcast data. Learn who signed up, watched, where viewers are employed and much more. 
  6. Multi-language: Choose your language, then link up all language channels in a common sitemap. 
  7. Embed codes: Insert webcast pages into any web site for seamless integration. 

Request a free demo account 

Rather than read about the Webcast Platform, why not give it a test drive? No obligation. We won't ask you for a credit card or bother you with pesky emails. Just email us any time and we'll set up your account and send you a simple start-up PDF tutorial. If you choose not to stay with us, that's okay. We'd still appreciate your feedback so we can get better and serve more people.

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"We've been using the Webcast Platform for years to deliver our webcast press conferences. Included is live technical support for our viewers, a much-appreciated value-added service. The team is also available to us any time to monitor and assist with our testing." - Karin Heineman, Project Manager, American Institute of Physics, Maryland, USA (Platform client since 2014)