Webcast Canada (WC) provides a premium service with guaranteed quality and reliability for government departments, corporations and associations that are serious about their reputation and service to stakeholders. 

The Solutions You Need!

Limited bandwidth:  Many corporations and government departments have limited network bandwidth resulting in poor live stream reception. Our WC server booster is the solution.

Moderated interactivity: Managing incoming webcast audience questions can be a challenge. But not with the WC platform that allows your subject matter experts to moderate, filter and respond with ease. 

Conference co-ordination: People are busy, so key conference suppliers such as A/V companies, venues, conference planners and webcasters don't always communicate effectively. That can result in a poor webcast production. Our technical advisers are eager to be part of your conference team and will assist in planning and co-ordination - a huge value-added not provided by other webcast providers. 

Last minute requirements: Let's face it. In an ideal world, everything would be planned out well in advance. But in reality, needs can arise suddenly. Not to worry. The WC platform can create your webcast in under one minute - including registration and login for both English and French. 

White label branding:  Our clients do not wish to be associated with questionable content on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. They need to project their own branding in an uncluttered, easy-to-use interface. Welcome to WC, where you're in total control. 

Compelling reasons to use Webcast Canada.

  1. Guarantee on all equipment and labor.
  2. Exhaustive advance checklist.
  3. A back-up for every piece of equipment, including Internet connections and servers.
  4. The best possible, professional equipment.
  5. Thousands of successful webcasts since 2005. Experience counts.
  6. Adaptive streaming to match the bandwidth of each viewer.
  7. Flat rate pricing.Co-ordination with other suppliers, including the venue and A/V company.
  8. Value-added services including staging, lighting, teleprompter, closed captioning and interpretation.
  9. Ability to work, and provide, streaming in both official languages.