Self-managed webcasts

Run your own show. Save money. Improve reliability.

The Webcast Canada Self-Managed Service is designed for education and training. Presenters can control their own broadcasts using a series of easy-to-use buttons. They can conduct screen sharing and show slides, respond to viewer text questions sent in real-time or even allow viewers to connect with audio and video via webcam.

Now, you can manage your own professional business webcasts that rival the look and feel of producer-managed online events. But at a fraction of the price while being far more reliable.


Enter the Webcast Canada Virtual Encoder (VE).

1. Rock Solid Cloud Stability: Eliminate the risk of a producer using streaming software on their home computer and Internet, both of which can crash at any time. The Webcast Canada VE is a Cloud-based system that delivers uninterrupted live streaming 100% guaranteed.

2. Select scenes easily: Manage your webcast without a producer or expensive encoder. Just log into your Webcast Canada platform account to click “scene” buttons on your web browser. There is no limit to the number of scenes you can show. For example, play jazz music with a break slide, run pre-recorded videos, and show live presenters with slides from anywhere in the world.

3. Countdown timer: Use a countdown timer so the audience knows when your event will start. The timer can also be used for breaks.

4. High Security: The Webcast Canada VE allows your audience to log in and interact using only their web browser. No downloads. No third-party connections. No risk.

5. Powerful Platform Features: The Webcast Canada VE makes full use of our industry-leading platform which includes: viewer registration; email blasts; question and answer boxes; live chat; password protection; downloadable documentation; automatic recording and all other professional features you would expect from a robust, business class webcast service.

6. Customization: The Webcast Canada VE is not an off-the-shelf product. We are a customized service so we can fine tune your events to your specific needs. The Webcast Canada platform is updated daily with new features and functionality.

The Webcast Canada VE is the perfect solution for affordable, regularly scheduled training sessions, presentations, mini-conferences and townhalls. It utilizes our own “broadcast module” or a zoom account (provided by us) to capture video and audio from presenters. Contact us today for more information and to find out if the VE service is right for you.

Self Managed Webcasts include a stream account, customized scene buttons, technical support and all platform features.