Professional Webcast Platform for A/V Professionals

Platform accounts are free. Pay only per webcast. No costly subscriptions.


The Webcast Platform

The Platform was created to provide a reliable, high-powered software tool for A/V professionals wanting to webcast virtual or physical events for their clients on a per-need basis.


Contact us via email at: [email protected]

The Platform developers are always available if we need something adjusted and they’re eager to accommodate when we ask for new features based on the needs of our webcast clients. Truly a best-in-class service.

Kyle Brooks CEO, Bespoke A/V, Toronto, Ontario (Client since 2015)


Authenticated, secure online voting. Includes options for “mover” and “seconder”. Perfect for AGMs. Results can be shown immediately after the vote, and all results are stored in a secure report. Create votes in real-time on-the-fly as needed.

Direct zoom to platform: Eliminate the need for wirecast or other encoders by plugging zoom feeds directly into the platform.  In this way, a zoom conference can reach thousands of webcast viewers, none of whom have to sign up for zoom.

Branded client portals: Combine zoom and other videoconferencing tools with our industrial-strength platform that offers branded and customized registration, secure login and live page with private question box (or chat), downloadable handouts and live audience technical support.

Unlimited Viewership: There is no limit on viewership.

Third-party video players: Use our powerful Akamai adaptive stream accounts with our default JW Player or choose a third-party player such as Vimeo.

Platform Guarantee: The Webcast Canada platform comes with a 100% guarantee on reliability, stability and performance.

Certified webcast technician support: You are not alone. Our experienced webcast technicians and advanced programmers will assist you every step of the way to help ensure your success.


Manage your Platform Account

  • Unlimited client accounts
  • Unlimited webcasts
  • Create any webcast under a minute
  • Give access to authorized webcasters and clients
  • Includes Akamai HD publishing points
  • No software to download
  • Customize registration, login and live pages
  • Media gallery archiving


Responsive to Your Needs

The Webcast Platform is updated regularly with new features and improved functionality.

You have access to our certified developers who will respond to your needs quickly.



Guaranteed Reliability

Don’t take chances with your webcasts. The Webcast Platform was built using Microsoft Azure and uses Akamai, the world’s largest, most respected streaming service for embedded publishing points.

Unlike social media platforms, we provide a 100 per cent guarantee on all components and functionality.

You’re not alone. The Webcast Platform is powerful, intuitive software, but our support team is available when you need us. We’ll assist you as needed in creating webcast pages and planning your live streaming.


Other Great Features 


  • Built-in RTC encoder allows you to live-stream without additional expensive software or hardware.
  • Advanced real-time metrics includes who signed up and who watched with minute-by-minute tracking of each viewer. Includes live and archived graphs.
  • All webcasts are automatically recorded in a secure and private environment. Our team also monitors every stream to ensure maximum performance.
  • Adaptive Akamai HD streaming (160p, 480p, 720p and 1080p options) matches the bandwidth of your viewers to eliminate stoppages.
  • DVR option available on smaller webcasts.
  • Your administration panel allows access to all webcast data. Managers can give access to authorized personnel including employees and clients, and choose which webcast data they will see.
  • Every webcast allows up to 5,000 viewers for a full 8-hour day with no cut-off. Any additional viewership is logged and billed as an overage amount.

The Webcast Platform is FREE to use. You’ll pay only per webcast. 

We first used the Platform for our 2007 conference in Toronto. We were so impressed with the level of professionalism, we decided that we had to use these guys for every one of our annual events. 

Aaron Lohr, Director of Media Relations, Endocrine Society

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The best way to reach us is via email at: [email protected]