Accomplish Association business entirely online


Webcast Canada specializes in Virtual AGMs that are professional, affordable and secure, giving your presentation team and delegates a productive, enjoyable experience.

Major Features


  • Any kind of voting including basic motions, elections + proxy, weighted and class voting
  • Mover and Seconder options
  • Display of results by vote count / percentage or both
  • Digital auditing
  • Browser-based access for greater security
  • Two factor authentication
  • Customized registration or viewer data import
  • Basic and advanced branding available
  • Accommodates both voters and non-voters
  • Automatic timer for motion display
  • Low latency live streaming + multiple speakers
  • Slides + downloadable files
  • Option to allow delegates to speak + text-based question box
  • Login stats to confirm quorum

All technology and labour is 100% guaranteed. 

See who is registering, number of voters logged in, audience questions and voting results.

Bold, colorful, easy-to-use voting buttons appear over top of the video player.

NEW! Now, delegates can choose to connect with your AGM via real-time audio and video. Your dedicated producer will live stream your AGM – using high production values for a professional, slick branded appearance – into a browser-based webcast where delegates will safely and easily register, log in, communicate and vote on motions.

Highest possible security and privacy at ISO 27001 standards using in-Canada data storage.

Professional production and branding for a smooth, slick show.

Unlimited viewership with base pricing for up to 5,000 delegates.

Our AGM clients are from across Canada and include every kind of organization, from small condominium corporations to provincial and national associations and major corporations. Here are a few recent AGM clients.

Full Service Virtual AGM:


  • Delegates can speak via computer microphone
  • Any kind of motion including elections
  • Weighted, proxy and complex class voting
  • Dedicated producer (for a professional look)
  • Option to add pre-recorded videos
  • Dedicated voting programmer/operator
  • Dry run rehearsal(s) included
  • Full tech support
  • Both voters and non-voters
  • Posting of support documents
  • Viewers can register themselves or send us your membership list
  • Votes can be in both English and French
  • Authenticated login prevents fraudulent voting
  • 100% accurate digital auditing
  • Number of voters online to establish quorum
  • Secure password login
  • Option of pop-up survey at end of webcast

Due to the complexity of most AGMS, only full service is available. However, we offer two packages – one for smaller AGMs with a small number of motions and another, higher priced package, for larger more complex events.

Everything you’ll need!

  • Certified production / technical team.
  • Video conferencing account.
  • Extensive advance testing and rehearsal.
  • Branded webcast pages with sponsor logos.
  • Secure reports, handouts and other downloads.
  • Producer-operated slides + pre-recorded video.
  • Simultaneous interpretation + captioning.
  • Real-time (webrtc) or low latency streaming.
  • Cross-browser/platform and mobile access.

The web’s best AGM voting system

  • Tag viewers as “voter” or “guest.”
  • Options for “Mover” and “Seconder.”
  • Response options include yes, no and abstain.
  • Multiple choice for elections.
  • Establish quorum with real-time voter logins.
  • Motion timer option (or manual closure).
  • Display results as percentage, number or both.
  • Hide results from audience or show.
  • See delegate vote count (per motion).
  • Motions can be customized to meet bylaws.
  • Results stored in a secure digitally audited report.

Webcast Canada is a pioneer in the live streaming industry. Our team started in 1996 with database development, then created one of the world’s first webcasting platforms in 2003. Experience counts! Our Webcast Canada platform is updated daily and is completely scaleable. Make your virtual Annual General Meeting a big success! See the quick voting demo video below.

U.S. customers, please see:

IMAGE: This screen shot of an actual Webcast Canada virtual AGM shows a typical vote. All votes and polls appear over top of the video. At Webcast Canada, there is no need for third-party plugins. Everything is displayed and accessible on our platform.