Accomplish Association business entirely online

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Webcast Canada is a leader in Virtual AGMs, offering affordable online voting, polling and surveys – backed by our 100% guarantee on reliability and quality. 

  • Board and selected staff members are seen on camera via videoconference.
  • Full dry-run with a dedicated producer.
  • AGM webcast includes streaming producer, vote operator and audience technical support.
  • Password-protected control panel access for assigned staff member to see incoming audience questions.
  • Keynote presentations with animated slides can be included.
  • Insertion of prerecorded video as needed.
  • Safe, secure webcast login for the audience without the need to download or install software.

  • Fully customized voting, polling and surveys preprogrammed for you by our producers. 

  • Live webcast streaming with extremely low latency to ensure timely audio-vote synchronization.

  • Accessible on all platforms and devices, including mobile.

    Authenticated Voting

  • Votes, motions, resolutions, polls and surveys are fully customizable.
  • Countdown clock on all votes.
  • “Thank you” message displayed for viewers upon voting.
  • Vote closes when vote has been made.
  • Viewers are tagged as “voter” and “non-voter” to allow observers.
  • Options include “Mover” and “Seconder”.
  • Motions can be forwarded from the floor in real time.
  • Results can be made to appear after each vote.
  • Official audited voting report is stored securely.
  • Webcast audience question box or moderated chat to interact with the Board. 

The Webcast Canada Difference 

  • Affordable flat rates are all-inclusive.
  • Trusted by major organizations worldwide.
  • Over 15 years experience.  
  • Your virtual AGM is professionally managed by our certified producers.
  • Guaranteed security, reliability and performance. 
  • Unlimited audience size. 
  • Branding and sponsorship opportunities. 
  • Our industry-leading, proprietary Webcast Canada platform.

IMAGE: This screen shot of an actual Webcast Canada virtual AGM shows a typical vote. All votes and polls appear over top of the video.