Put your entire conference online.

Professionally Managed Virtual Webcasting for Corporations, Governments and Associations.  

Consultation, guidance and delivery. 

Important note about remote video:

Webcast Canada uses special private video chat software for its virtual webcasts. We do not use zoom, Skype or other public tools because these may not be private, are subject to trolling, and are experiencing bandwidth issues as millions of users flock to these free services during the current pandemic.

For professional outreach, we recommend talking to us about our private and secure system which blocks all unauthorized users and operates on private, protected networks.

  • Multiple remote presenters on screen.
  • Unlimited audience size.
  • Downloadable hand-outs.
  • 100% branded interface (your logo / sponsor logos / your corporate color).
  • Customized registration and login with password-protection.
  • Live streams are 100% secure – no hacking, copying or rebroadcasting.
  • Agenda-based landing page with links to different break-out rooms.
  • Professional remote webcast moderation and production.
  • Real-time text-based chat and question / answer boxes.
  • Interpretation (English-French), captioning and artificial intelligence translation (104 languages).
  • Online voting / polling.

We also provide advance consultation and planning to ensure your web-only event is a major success. Plus, only Webcast Canada offers its 100% guarantee on reliability and quality.

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