professionally managed vIRTUAL WEBCASTING

Reliable Virtual Webcasting with High Production Values.

Webcast Canada is your Virtual Webcasting Supplier.

“We’ve been using Webcast Canada since 2007 to deliver our live streams to major media outlets around the globe. Their guarantee on quality and reliability has never let us down.”

– Aaron Lohr, Director, Media Relations, The Endocrine Society  

1. Professional Production and Management
We provide four professional technicians for your virtual event:

  • A producer, who will work with you in the planning stages, manage a full-dry run with your presenters, plus add your corporate branding and other graphical enhancements to make the broadcast look professional.
  • An “interactivity” operator to program polls and votes in advance, amend and update them on the fly, and display at the appropriate times.
  • An experienced technical support person who will provide assistance to both your presenters and the audience.
  • Our certified programmer to make technical adjustments as may be needed.

2. Our Industry-Leading Webcast Platform

In addition to our professional support team, we’ll live-stream your video conference into our industry-leading Webcast Canada Platform.

The Platform is 100% Cloud based for superior reliability and scalability and is ISO-2771 certified for the ultimate in security.

The platform has many key advantages.

  • Your own customized portal and URL with full corporate branding.
  • Your audience can log into the broadcast safely, securely and easily using just their web browser – without the need to fumble with downloads and installations. (Software downloads are forbidden by many organizations).
  • Having your audience use the platform removes any embarrassing intrusions and eliminates the difficulty of trying to manage hundreds of people all trying to talk and show their screen at the same time.
  • Your team will have much greater control over audience questions and feedback by using the platform’s back-end administration where audience submissions can be filtered, organized and ultimately, brought forward to your presenters, experts and panelists.
  • The platform provides extensive opportunity for sponsorship exposure in the form of logo placement, corporate colors, sponsorship videos and dedicated “sponsor / exhibitor” rooms with downloadable brochures and other promotional materials.
  • The platform has a wide range of beneficial and essential features that may not be available, or are too cumbersome elsewhere. These include authenticated online voting, polling and surveys, email reminders to your audience, enhanced security features, real-time tracking of who is watching the webcast and post-event statistical reports that provide a higher level of detail, such as the total amount of minutes viewed by each participant.

3. Customization by our Programmers
Unlike other services, Webcast Canada is a custom provider which means that our technical programmers can fine-tune to meet your exact needs and provide whatever functionality you require. We are not an off-the-shelf offering. Our platform was created by our own development team, and is updated daily to meet the constantly evolving requirements of this industry and our clients. You’ll have direct access to the development team. 

4. Our Industry-Leading Guarantee

Webcast Canada was among the first webcasting companies in the world. We pioneered one of the first live streaming platforms and have successfully completed tens of thousands of webcasts over two decades. Our clients are among the largest organizations in Canada, including governments, national associations and major corporations. Our attention to detail and innovation, and our relentless focus on excellence, have allowed us to offer our industry-leading guarantee on quality and reliability.  

Benefits of the four pillars:

  • Far less stress
  • Easier event management
  • Greater security, reliability and professionalism
  • Better, more detailed post-event metrics
  • Protection of your reputation
  • The comfort of having a professional team on your side
  • And most importantly, you’ll have the ability to focus on what you do best:
    create and deliver content

Webcast Canada is a complete solution for virtual business communication to ensure security, reliability and professionalism.

Business Applications

We can help you with any kind of virtual event that involves a group of presenters, panelists or moderators which need to be on camera within a video conference, communicating to a broader audience that will view and interact via webcast. This includes:

  • Slide presentations (for training, sales, outreach and other purposes)
  • Keynote speeches and panel discussions
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Conferences with break-out rooms and exhibitor trade booths

Services Offered

  • Assistance with planning and consultation
  • Technical preparation and dry-runs
  • Presenter webcam training and testing
  • Physical distancing green screen studios in Toronto and Ottawa
  • Professional production
  • Live webcasting and recording
  • Programming of registration, login and live webcast pages
  • Programming of polls, votes and surveys
  • Webcast analytics and hosting
  • Webcast branding
  • Customized technical development to suit individual client needs
  • Simultaneous interpretation, captioning and sign language
  • Teleprompter with operator
  • Audience participation tools
  • Secure control panel access to all data
  • Complete range of self-serve tools including Cloud encoder 

This simple illustration shows the Webcast Canada solution. Your “broadcast team” (moderator and presenters) is on a video conference call. Our producers grab the video and audio from the call and add in high production values such as colored backgrounds and lower thirds (names and titles) for a sleek, professional look and feel. The audience safely and securely views and participates via webcast login using their web browser.

What we are:

Webcast Canada combines its own safe, proprietary videoconferencing system that is seamlessly integrated with our industry-leading platform. This provides a superior solution in terms of security, branding and ease-of-use for your audience. Our core service is professional production, supported by a 100% guarantee on quality and reliability, for a polished and leading-edge presentation. We are also a custom provider with a team of experienced programmers to meet your exact needs. 

Webcast Canada is a pioneer in live streaming. Since 2005, we have managed webcasts for governments, corporations and associations. We are a custom provider with a full team of producers and IT developers. All of our services come with a 100% guarantee for quality, reliability and performance.

What is a virtual event?
Webcast Canada specializes in professionally managed virtual webcasts in which your presenters are beamed in via webcam but the audience views and participates via webcast. This solution has powerful benefits.

Image: Sample secure login.


  • RELIABILITY: Make sure nothing goes wrong. Our experienced, certified webcast technicians will operate your event so you can focus on the content. Producer-managed advance rehearsals are included. 
  • AFFORDABLE: Webcast Canada provides it all – producer management, video-conferencing and a powerful webcast platform – all for a price that is LESS than what you’d pay for a stand-alone managed web conference.  
  • GUARANTEE: Complete back-up systems with a 100% guarantee on reliability and performance. 
  • BETTER VIDEO QUALITY: Our producers use professional software to enhance webcam video quality.
  • ENHANCED PRODUCTION: Producer management ensures a more polished production.
  • GREATER SECURITY: Our proprietary platform adds a powerful, extra layer of security.
  • SUPERIOR BRANDING: Lots of opportunities for branding and sponsorship exposure!
  • UNLIMITED VIEWERSHIP: No cap on viewers.
  • MULTI-LANGUAGE: English and French webcast registration and login pages. 
  • NO AUDIENCE SOFTWARE DOWNLOADING: Webcasts are on the web, no need for software downloads.
  • ESSENTIAL FEATURES: Secure online voting and polling with real-time results and much more. 

REQUEST OUR SERVICE LIST / RATE CARD: Email us or use our online form.

U.S. customers, please see:

Professional Management 

  • Dedicated Producer
  • Fully produced advance rehearsal
  • Produced live stream show
  • Enhanced webcam quality via professional programming
  • Advanced production (HD slides, pre-recordings, backgrounds)
  • Planning and consultation for virtual events
  • Zoom / Skype management and training

Webcast Canada Platform

  • Customized registration form
  • Viewers can register for multiple events
  • Powerful branding opportunities
  • Extensive sponsorship exposure opportunities
  • Secure login with unlimited viewership
  • Detailed metrics
  • Private question box or moderated chat
  • Client password-protected database access
  • English and French capability
  • Enhanced security including domain restriction
  • Branded email notifications and reminders
  • Data capture 
  • Live technical support for audience
  • Authenticated, secure online voting

Webcast Canada is a custom provider (not off-the-shelf) so we can fine-tune to meet your exact needs.

To request our service list and pricing, send us an email or use our online form.