Our mission is to make your Virtual AGM not only successful, but enjoyable!

The Webcast Canada platform is 100% Canadian to meet Canada's privacy laws. The robust platform, combined with our experinced technical team, will ensure your AGM goes exactly as planned. 

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Any Kind of Motion

Motions can include mover and seconder or just one or the other. They can also be programmed for a variety of responses from simple "Yes/No" to complex multiple choice (for example: choose 3 out of 10 candidates). Voters can hold more than one vote, be restricted to certain motions (class voting) or vote on behalf of others. Motions are triggered by the vote operator when called upon, stay up for a set period of time using a countdown clock (30, 60 or 90 seconds) and appear over top of the live video. Amendments and new motions from the floor can be inserted on-the-fly with discussion taking place before the vote.


Manage Attendees

After your members have signed up for the webcast, you can review the entire database and change the profile of each registrant as needed. This may mean converting a non-voter into a voter or changing a person's voting category. You can force a registrant to confirm their email address before they can log in. All registrants receive a notification. Plus, you can schedule reminders before the event which include a calendar invite.


Get Quorum 

The login module shows who is currrently online, previously been online and attendees who are verified voters versus guests to meet quorum. Also included are percentage of voters holding proxy voting rights. You'll get the data you need to meet bylaw requirements.


Show Results

Voting results can be shown to the audience while also being read out loud by our voting operator or one of your Board members. Color-coded bars can show the number of votes, just the percentages, or both. Results stay visible until the Chair moves on to the next motion. Results can also be hidden from the audience, seen only by the scrutineer or auditor.


Digitally Audited Stats

Easily export a range of detailed reports: registrations including all submitted data; viewership including the viewing time of each attendee; capture of all questions and comments; minute-by-minute graphs; plus all voting results by summary and individual voters. Large accounting firms have used our platform for official verification. You will also receive a video recording of your event which we're happy to host online for up to a year (at no extra cost).


Everybody Gets Their Say

Voter participation can happen in a number of different ways. The easiest to manage is our "Ask a Question" box in which attendees send in questions and comments to be read out loud. But you can also allow voters to request the opportunity to speak. Names appear in a queue on the platform's back-end to allow voters into the meeting one at a time.


Professional Presentations

Your Board has never looked better. A dedicated producer can manage slide presentations, complete with lower thirds (names and titles), pre-recorded videos, corporate backgrounds and music beds. Machine or human captioning (open or closed) is added. All for a polished, professional and accessible presentation.


High Security

Choose from among a range of security options: only approved viewers can be given access; registration can be limited by domain; a universal password can be added; people signing up can be forced to confirm their email address before gaining access; and you can require two-factor authentication which requires a unique code before login.


Your Corporate Brand

All AGM webcasts include basic branding with your logo, corporate color and sponsor logos. But our design specialists can also create a powerful, inviting design. In combination with our white label platform and a dedicated URL, your AGM will appear to be coming from you, not us.